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Progressive .NET 2011

(Publish date: 15/08/2011)

A week ago I won a ticket for Skills Matter Progressive .NET Tutorials 2011, which got me extremely thrilled and all getting psyched up! So what is Progressive .NET and why am I so looking forward to it? Progressive .NET is a 3-days tutorials course spanning various themes of a .NET developer professional life split into 2 streams of parallel sessions, focusing mainly on our community, open source software and some more advanced notions of development.
Some of the tutorials on offer this year are a couple of sessions on BDD, Gherkin and Specflow, Package management, front end development & javascript TDD, Load testing, Continuous delivery, RESTful WCF, C#5 Async methods and Nancy & Simple.Data.

Now, not so long ago I have started to act as a team leader at work and started feeling the need in getting some more information and knowledge in order to lead my team better. It doesn't take a lot to see how can Progressive .NET contribute to developers in similar situation- if you'd like to get educated on some of the more cutting edge technologies available out there and cover as many different areas in three days, this one is for you! I must warn you though, it's going to be difficult to select from the different session which ones to miss.
As for me, it took me some time, but I think I know which sessions I'm going to attend. Seeing that we've started using specflow a couple of months ago, both gherkin sessions sound extremely appealing. Bearing in mind the way some of our css and javascript looks like, Dylan Beattie session on front end development sounds brilliant. The TDD in Javascript session sounds as exciting as it's parallel on Load testing, though since I'd love to start using jasmine on some of our javascript, I'm hoping to go to the first one. After a quick conversation on twitter with Paul Stack it looks like his session is going to be one of thos eurika moments, especially when I think of the last release night we had that lasted till 4AM... :p
The next one seems to me like it's going to be the C#5 Async session- seeing that it looks like we're not going to use WCF a lot more, and anyway who can say no to a session with Jon Skeet? Finally, the agile session seems like a great opportunity to boost my knowledge and hopefully help me to bring a fresh and helpful critical look at our process.

So this is for me, all I can say is that I honestly cannot wait.
A summary post after the tutorials will obviously follow when the time comes, so watch this spot. And if you're coming, feel free to drop a line, let me know.

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