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Why do they need celebrity developers? (Us vs. Them)

(Publish date: 02/02/2010)

A week ago or so Roy Osherove has posted about celebrity developers and why do we need them. While generally speaking I more than agree with him, there’s just one point I thought I should add – I thought it could shed some light on the subject if the argument was coming from someone who needs celebrity developers rather than being one… I’m definitely in a position to say that the more well known developers blogs did and still do have a great impact on my day to day work/professional life. I can say that it was the blogs of Ayende and Udi that really got my curiosity going to discover as much as I can about the OSS community, the ALT.NET one and more generally speaking how to better myself as a developer, how to be on the look constantly for other ways to do things, especially ways to write a better, more efficient code. Beginning my career in a very small company where no practices were being followed and OOP was something no one knew about (and that was only 4 years ago), these blogs were a very important source of educational information, that at the time I couldn’t get anywhere else, especially working in an area where the .NET community is far from being well developed. So to conclude, since I can still consider myself in many aspects a ‘junior developer’, I can definitely say that celebrity developers are capable of at least encouraging younger ones to become more curious and passionate about what they do, if not teach them how to be a better developer.

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